Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 40 - August 1st - layover day in Burton

(photos: church in village square; sign for my home away from home - yet another public library)

Woke up a bit after 6. Can't seem to shake this habit of waking early. It was nice to have a leisurely time in the tent - a chance to listen to birds and watch the sky brighten with the sunrise.
Finally crawled out around 6:30, and walked up to the town square. Belle's Restaurant opened at 7
and had homemade corned beef hash on the menu. Kevin wandered in shortly after I had ordered and so joined me. Other Riders trickled in over time. After breakfast, I wandered around the town square to check out options for the balance of my rest day. Hung out on a bench outside the library waiting for it to open at 9. Once the church bells announced the hour, I went in and latched onto a terminal. Plugged in phone to recharge and dove into blog work. Uploaded photos and made good progress over the next 2 hours or so. Local kids came in from time to time to do gaming. Otherwise the place was quiet. Bought an ice cream cone for my lunch, visited the local hardware store, and peeped into some other shops. Purchased some maple syrup and then returned to camp. Cleaned up my bike, rested in my tent, and then Rosie and I walked back to town and ate dinner at Belle's. Short of a swim, a good rest day - allowing me to accomplish key tasks.

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